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Sound Organizer is a comprehensive audio application for importing, playing, and editing files recorded with a Sony IC recorder. Various operations can be performed for imported files, including playback, editing and conversion to MP3 and other formats. You can also burn CDs of the music you like, and send audio files by mail.

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    Guest 5 months ago

    When editing track marks on the software (not the recorder), can you name the mark? For example if you learn several lessons in one class period and want to mark off each one, could you label one "Start of Lesson 2"? It would be very helpful but I don't know if it's possible. Thanks.

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    Guest 6 months ago

    I have someone reading a commercial, they mess up and start over. How can I edit that off the recording? I don't understand what the track marks are for. I'd like to edit the recording, is that possible?

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    Richard A Parry 8 months ago

    Not bad but if you're using a hi-res screen on a Windows platform, it is really awful to use due to font rendering issues. I use it on an older desktop machine in my home as it's unusable on my work PC - a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro running Win 8.1.
    Win 10 might improve things a little, but it's time software authors get with the world off hi-res monitors as they become more common.